History of Microsoft massive rebranding


I was quite confused about how many times Microsoft has rebranded its products, so I have decided to write them down. This is not the entire Live galaxy, it’s just a slice of it. Probably I still miss something, please feel free to help/correct me.

Key: old name > new name

“Live” branding

  1. [*] Windows Live Custom Domains > Windows Live Admin Center
  2. [*] MSN Alerts > Windows Live Alerts
  3. [*] Windows Live Betas > Windows Live Ideas > Windows Live Downloads
  4. [*] Live Drive > Windows Live Drive
  5. [*] Windows Live Installer > Windows Live Essentials
  6. [*] Windows Live OneCare Family Safety > Windows Live Family Safety
  7. [*] MSN Hotmail > Windows Live Hotmail (≠ Windows Mail ≠ Windows Live Mail)
  8. [*] Microsoft Passport > .NET Passport > Microsoft Passport Network > Windows Live ID
  9. [*] Windows Live Mail Desktop > Windows Live Mail
  10. [*] MSN Messenger > Windows Live Messenger
  11. [*] Windows Movie Maker > Windows Live Movie Maker
  12. [*] Windows OneCare Live > Windows Live OneCare
  13. [*] Windows Live Safety Center > Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner
  14. [*] Windows Live Contacts = (??) Windows Live People
  15. [*] Live.com > Windows Live Personalized Experience (≠ Windows Live Home ≠ Windows Live Profile)
  16. [*] Windows Live Photo Gallery ≠ Windows Photo Gallery ≠ Windows Live Photos ≠ Windows Live Gallery
  17. [*] Windows Live Photos: originally part of Windows Live Spaces, this service now integrates with Windows Live SkyDrive
  18. [*] Windows Desktop Search > Windows Search < Windows Live Search Center
  19. [*] Windows Live Shopping > MSN Shopping (o_O)
  20. [*] Windows Live Folders > Windows Live SkyDrive
  21. [*] MSN Spaces > Windows Live Spaces
  22. [*] Windows Live FolderShare > Windows Live Sync
  23. [*] MSN Search Toolbar > Windows Live Toolbar
  24. [*] MSN Web Messenger > Windows Live Web Messenger
  25. [*] Windows Live WiFi Hotspot Locator > MSN WiFi Hotspots (o_O)

Other programs

  1. [*] Microsoft Internet Explorer > Windows Internet Explorer
  2. [*] Outlook Express > Windows Mail


  1. [*] Windows Live Mail Mobile > Windows Live Hotmail Mobile

Web Search Engine

  1. [*] MSN Search > Windows Live Search > Live Search > Bing
  2. [*] Windows Live Maps > Windows Live Local > Live Search Maps
  3. [*] Windows Live Product Search > Live Search Products
  4. [*] Windows Live QnA > Live Search QnA

Now train your brain by answering to these simple questions:

  1. Which is the difference among Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Photos and Windows Live Gallery?
  2. Which is the difference among Live.com, Windows Live Personalized Experience, Windows Live Home and Windows Live Profile?
  3. Which is the difference between Windows Live FolderShare and Windows Live Sync?
  4. What is Windows Live Essentials?
  5. Which is the new version of Windows Live Folders?

If you score 5 out of 5, you’re better than R2-D2. Otherwise try to look for a diagram or a concept map in order to decrypt the Live galaxy.

Actually I don’t wanna add any comment from a marketer point of view cause I’m quite sure that this list speaks for itself. [Credits: thanks to Wikipedia]


6 pensieri su “History of Microsoft massive rebranding

  1. Però, niente male. Avevo una vaga idea del «fenomeno», ma non che fosse così esteso!

    PS: ti sei dato al mercato internazionale ultimamente? ;)

  2. Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Photos and Windows Live Gallery

    :rotfl: What’s next???


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